How To Repair A Blown Head Gasket

Most of the do-it-yourself repairs that I’ve described in past columns are comparatively simple. Repairing a blown head gasket, on the other hand, is a major job. However, with the right knowledge and tools (and I can provide the first part), it can be done. If you have any questions about the process I’m about to explain, I encourage you to contact a trained mechanic. So, let’s get right into it.

With a little more dismantling, you’ll be able to reach the head gasket. Once you’ve removed the head, scrape the old gasket and replace it with the new one. You’ll also want to clean the head with an air compressor and a brush. Once you have applied best head gasket sealer, put the head back into place. You can now start putting your car back together again.

How To Promote Cycling Event

On the day of the race stay calm and know what you need to do. Everyone is there to have fun so enjoy your day. When the mountain bike race is over do not forget to walk the trail and make sure there is no trash on the course. Experience with full suspension and hard tail mountain bikes, bike parts and organizing race events for mountain biking. See more reviews of the latest bike accessories and other bicycle parts here:

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