How To Promote Cycling Event


So you love mountain biking and want to conduct a race event. If your business is into planning and organizing events or engages in construction activities for companies, not only do you need to have adequate and skilled manpower. Not sure where to get started or what to consider? The listed below is information on how you can organize and promote a mountain bike race event. It will help you get started and give you some tasks to consider.

Here is what you need to think about.

1. Select a location to have a race.

2. Obtain permission to race at your desired location. You might consider contacting the land owner, local government and or police. A verbal approval to have the race at the specified location might due but it is better to get it in writing.

3. Consider the race:

  • The race route
  • The distance and or length of the race
  • Decide on racing categories that you will you offer

Plan the start times for each group? Faster riders usually start before slower riders. Will you need medical support on site the day of the race?

4. Try to secure sponsors to help you keep your costs down and be prepared to offer the sponsors something in return. As an example you can put their logo on flyers, a banner, or on a website, etc.

5. Make a race flyer and distribute it to bike stores, schools and send it out via email. Also, post it on mountain bike classified sites. Make sure the flyer includes:

  • Location and directions to the event
  • Categories and race distance
  • Prize list
  • Entry fee
  • Last possible time to register
  • Contact information
  • Any special notes

6. Consider the other stuff:

  • How many volunteers do you need?
  • Order race numbers
  • Order trophies
  • Get water, Gatorade, food
  • Order start/finish and or marketing banners
  • Work with law enforcement if necessary
  • Prepare a press release to be sent out 30 days in advance
  • Reserve additional equipment that you might need – tables, awning, PA system, etc.

7. Develop a task list and train your volunteers. The more you communicate to your volunteers the more organized your race event will become. You can not do it yourself.

On the day of the race stay calm and know what you need to do. Everyone is there to have fun so enjoy your day. When the mountain bike race is over do not forget to walk the trail and make sure there is no trash on the course. Experience with full suspension and hard tail mountain bikes, bike parts and organizing race events for mountain biking. See more reviews of the latest bike accessories and other bicycle parts here:

Post Author: Darryl Gibson